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Welcome To Thomas Blaque

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Save Your Sanity

Our response time to calls, web chats, and email give your customers the real time support they desrve. 

Build Your Brand

Your success is why we're here. While you're working your brand, we're providing exceptional service to your customers.

Manage Your Time

Allow us to free up your time by providing a quality buying experience your customers can come to rely on. 

Virtual Assitance

Office Management to Human Resources. These team of experts put the professional in PA!

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Social media Management

In a world of likes, friend requests, and DM's , this group makes sure you aren't missing a thing. 

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Customer Service

Your hours are our hours. Whether its a new order or a return, we've got you covered.

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Help Desk Services

If it requires assembly, IT experience, or any kind of hand holding, its Help Desk you want. 

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DJ Mixer

Anthony, PID Productions

I am so thankful I called when I did. So many outstanding invoices and no time, I honestly  had given up. Can't thank you enough!

Security Camera

Jay, 1st&10 Communications

It was exactly as I asked for, customer service with a smile on every call. Best investment we made and will continue to make. 


Tyler, Grouch2Goddess

We were selling out and had no one to help. We called TB who was able to provide eCommerce solutions that we now swear by.

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